Wednesday, December 31, 2008

lovely rosie n master G got engaged!!

after she announced about their engagement, i determine myself to go to see their historical moments. though at the very last minutes the determination almost fade out, but at the eleventh hour, theres light at the end of the tunnel. so, thankful to the ppl who involved. it was very unique as ppl from the East, the engagement slightly differ from the West. anyhow, congrats to the engage couple and hopefully they will end up on the pelamin fast!!!

Beach-ing myself


making out with the beaches
was fun
the East was sandy white
the West was a tone less
but both gives a wonderfool experience

though am not that patriotic
but i love my country
even there is a much better place in contrary

theres lot to see and places to go
don't wait till you are old
p/s: auntie: ske beno ekk berjalan

me: biasela. time single-mingle ni la nak jln2, dah berdriver n trailer sat g kang, x leh nak
grk langsung..duit bleyh cari tapi peluang utk buat perkara yg kte ske x dtg bergolek..
ade peluang je, grab it bebeh!!!

auntie: ya betul!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


its not the pain
you felt after gotten cane
its not the cry
you get after watching the hero's die
its not the temper
you would throw at your family member
it is deep
like a gap in the sea
where you cant see the depth that crept
and sometimes it bother
and you can't help but in need of a shoulder
to let it all out
like a rain drop out of a big cloud

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tagging bagging

Tagged by husna

answer this bunch of question based on the opposite gender. no family members is allowed.

What is the relationship of you and him?

kenapa kena him..x boleh2....nnt bias....don't let me choose..tidak!!!!

Your 5 impressions towards him
*I'll keep this when its time

The most memorable things he had done for you


The most memorable things he have said to you

*might be those 3 words kot

If he becomes your enemy, you will...
*move on je la

If he becomes your enemy, the reason is...
*cheating kot

The most desirable thing to do on him is...

*I'll also wanna keep it when its time

The overall impression of him?

*mestila hatinya kan??

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
*the news paper headlines kot...

The character of you for yourself is...

*saya tak hot tapi cool...hhahaha

The character you hate of yourself is...
* temper n shopaholic

The most ideal person that you want to be is...
*beriman.full stop.

For the people who care about and like you, say something about them. *thank you!

10 people to tag (in random order)
1. mels

2. azrin

3. oda
4. zal
5. yatie
6. min

7. jaz

8. nawal
9. syuk
10. khas

Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?

i have no idea

Is no. 3 a male or a female?


What is no. 1 studying about?

mathematic..geliga punye otak!!

Is no. 4 single?

yes..and available tau...

Who is no. 5?
archi mate!!

Say something about no. 6?
shes hot..need i say more..

q's utk no lain nth kemana nth...

muka buku -ku!!

Mursyidah Ismail's Facebook profile

I've Been Tagged By anarauda

List these rules on your blog.

Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog
Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
Link the person who tag you.
Leave a comment for each blogger.

Since Raudhah is the first person who tag me, i'll do her tagger trivia.

This are the factual facts about me.

one. i'm an XX chromosome female gene
two. therefore, i act,dress, think like one. act typically women with mind of her own.
three. a must go place at the mall is the bookstore.currently reading sociology,
phsychology, fiction, non-fiction genres.
four. and of course, i like shopping. i'll go for something that is affordable and not an
eye-cather.normal it is.
five.used to follow the music scene but not anymore, i just listen to everything
follow moderately.
six. can be nice, ignorance but hardly a bitch (ssh dowh)
seven. have thought of becoming a phsychologist, anchorwomen...hhahaha

the tagging ends here.
ignored the last 3 rules.

Monday, December 22, 2008

my 1 day out with friends and family at all over the place

tu la kan..rase macam nak plan jumpe semua orang dan nak pergi ke semua tempat..
plannya adalah pergi dgn family (cousins n sis) tapi balik dgn besties.. jadinya, buat semua dan jumpe semua dalam satu masa..gile multitasker beb..hahha


Friday, December 19, 2008

pieces of peace

i'm pissed
because i'm still at the office
trying to make sense of this project piece
if only i can have a minute of peace
it would be a bliss
that i feel like giving everyone a kiss

and i can stop doing rhymes like this!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

different people, different view but ought to the same faith

I like what these people had done in documenting different views of how different women perceive the wearing of hijjab to cover their aurat. This documentary does not judge to which views is correct but it just shows the different people with their own view and thought.their opinion and thought can actually show how their characteristic is like. just look how they where their hijjabs. which character do you fit in??soalan retorik yang tak memerlukan jawapan.

a nice one.

'salam n morning ya'll...

i had fun at dinner last night. now i know why i felt dreadful for the past few weeks. because i haven't been hanging out to see my friends for a while. I'm glad to those familiar faces again. kenapa ye aku rase cam hampeh.oh ye. because of the 2.8 million x 70 housing projects. plus, personal matter that keep me at home sleeping the problems away. but still it stays. tapi x pe.past is past. yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift and i'm going to enjoy my gift.

good day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

gay gaze

i realized malaysia got lots of gays...hahahah
this happen after i watched the play about a mother who had a gay son and guess what?? the final show was a full house of gays!!! hahah..u can actually notice when they laugh at certain jokes that straight people don't understand..i was like..'hmm ..why are they laughing huh??'
then this week, at alamanda i noticed the same type of men doing shopping..
never really intended to notice but gay can be detected easily if you do a careful observation.
here is how:
·Mostly too much expresses his feelings;
·Too much touches himself and the other people;
·There is something strange with their walking;
·All the homosexuals are grooming their appearance only it depends on the image they have created in their minds woman or man they are feeling inside themselves more;
·Usually depilate their bodies, moisturize their skin, use self-tan cream and other cosmetics;
·Very concerned with their lips and hair protection and care;
·Vulnerable and sensitive. Especially concerned with their health.

you can compare straight men behavior such from your brother or dad which you are confirm that they are normal. and they are men which their characteristic fall in the X dominant gene which made them act a little sissy but gay fall in between these two types.

anyhow, now i don't blame women for being a spinster...women are not your only too can become a bitch..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

orang tua berambut merah

they said if
someone does not enjoy getting old
they are very unhappy in their life
its very undeniable
because i am currently feeling the same
i prolly blame all the politic books
the book about todays society, people and politics
the phsychology books
for turning my brain in to a 80 years old lady
i can no longer talks about the latest hot gossip
nor tell whats hip and whats not
when inside my brain the neurons keep on transmitting
the fact about the world issues:
'another bomb attack'
'global warming'
'thomas edison lamp is banned'
i wonder is this the mid-quater life crisis??
the feeling of too young to be old....
my hair is falling...
let 2009 come fast!!
i hate being 22....

Friday, December 12, 2008

hati mati

orang kata tempat tu lawa nak mati
lawa ke mati??
penat keringat bayar bagai nak mati
asbab terpedaya kata-kata orang
kata lawa nak mati
akhirnya mati
mereka mati
impian mati
mati di melawati
akibat manusia yang ingat
nak kaya sampai mati

jalan hidup tak semestinya jalan mati

diluah mati mak
ditelan mati bapak
ditelan kemudian luah
sendiri mati
di luah kemudian nak di telan semula
apa-apa pun samada
ditelan, diluah, ditelan-luah atau diluah- telan
salah satu mesti di buat
jika di serahkan pada takdir
kalau itulah takdirnya
macam mana?
tu la siapa suruh hidup
mestila tuhan bukan?
kalau macam tu
buatlah keputusan!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

if its aren't the highway nor my way, what is it then...

'salam ya'll...

its been a constant hectic and tonnes of workload through out the month of November and 'till now
it does not seem to stop...The eid'l adha was spent with eat, sleep, woke up, eat again then sleep again... must be those lamb chop and briyanis...supposedly the blood type B group should make lamb, mutton or anything that came from an animal that bleats their diets. Its sounds weird but after I'd done some studies and googling, most studies done said the same things. But i tried to eat lamb/mutton but to make it as a daily diet i surrender. i always imagine the tonnes of fat and colestrol everytime i wanted to consume it. i think lamb meat is delecious but only to be eaten in a small amount.. klu x, hari basi je..i just remember secret recipe has a lamb stew on its menu..i wonder how does it taste like..leceh la nak mkn time tu..huru hara..kang grafu nth ke mana, sudu nth not the dainty like...i like trying out new foods. but it needs to be done in a group or duo the min...u need to have someone to be the second helping on your dishes rite...baru best..feels like eating again after lunch..the pre-period syndrome kot...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

if u want things to change, u have 2 change... but how is the question?

if they treated me like a kid
might else well i become a kid
if they keep on pushing me
might else well i'll become a drug pusher
if they keep on bugging me
might else well i'll become a real bug
if they keep on invaded my privacy
might else well i'll be naked
they said patient is virtue
why don't they just turn themselve into a statue
therefore you should become
a naked statue of a kid who is a drug pusher and has a face of a bug!!!!

yeah rite...

Friday, December 5, 2008

just to update about my work load


kadang-kadang saya juga jual ikan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

There was time i feel like I am right
and they are wrong
Even if i did prove that they are wrong
the feeling I felt is the same
even if I am proven wrong

If I proved them wrong
my ego reached the peak
and they who were wrong
sunk at the bottom
and then
i would felt like shitty
because i had made
their ego crash like humty dumty 's ending
they are the people i care

then the lesson learned
don't argue about things that would do
no good to both parties
it'll save you and them

p/s: kadang-kadang tu jual ikan tapi tak laku pun..sbb ikan busuk..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Si pungguk, Bulan dan Kita

kalau si pungguk buta
masih bolehkah ia rindukan bulan
mahupun mengimpikan bulan jatuh ke riba

kalau manusia bersyukur kepada tuhan
masih berlaku lagikah perbalahan
mahupun mengikut nafsu semata-mata

kita tahu jawapannya, tapi masih lagi bertanya-tanya
masih lagi terpinga-pinga
tanpa berbuat apa-apa
kerana masih lagi dgn sikap 'tak mengapa'...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

M is for magic

'Salam and morning ppl!!

i once said to a person ' nak buat pe la plan2 smpi in detail sgt..relak sudey' (sumtin' liddat lor)
That was actually when i was still studying.
The time when i thought in life u just need to go with the flow.
Ye la kan, klu kte plan smgt, last x jadi kan ke frust menonggeng..
so, i dont really ever bought his idea of planning things..sgt skema..( riak sungguh!!)
I even promise myself not to be liddat la ( lagi la riak!!!)

after i graduated and started working, i end up doing exactly as what he did!!
yeah2.. now i know how important is planning.. ( terasa hina sudey)
i realized that if you dont plan, you never get anythings done.
my free time is very2 limited, and if i dont really plan it well, i just end up thinking what am i suppose to do, and just after i come to decide on what to do, dah esk keje..damn...
and then i end up having Monday blues..( menyesal x buat ape2 weekend)

my term in planning doesn't really means that u need a jounal, daily planner ( tu sgt la sbnrnya lg bgs) Since i only applied the simplest way in planning my daily life.. (hanya berlaku dalam otak sahaja). here how it is, before i go to sleep, i ( ingat..dalam otak je tau) review back on what had been accomplished and what is the things that i need to do the next day..
tapi yang paling penting tu adalah niat kita kerana 4W1 s.w.t...

So now, i already plan 2 years in advance.. ( dulu plan sebulan pun rase sgt skema..isk isk)
in 2011 i plan on finishing my master and going to pilgrim to Mekah..(MY MEGA PLANNING EVER OWHKAY!!)

the moral of the story is, dont deny ppl opinions instantly w/o ever giving it a'll end up doing exactly the same.. (macam saya)

This incident reminds me after i read a really good inspiratonal book by sis Zabrina A. Hassan- Life is an Open Secret..


p/s: i like being around ppl with passion in what they do... theatre made me met those ppl..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the love of julia

Teater Monolog "Cinta Julia" di Stor Teater DBP

Hati semakin retak seribu....
hanya sejenak kau sempat menjadi kekasihku...
ternyata kau bukan.....
Di manakah kan ku temui kamu.....
Di tempat Adam dan Hawa ditemukan.....
Di tempat kekasihku disemayamkan....
Maafkan aku...
wahai kekasih maha agung...
dengan kehendakmu
aku akan datang bertamu...
hanya kau di hatiku dan
temukanlah aku dengan
bias di wajahmu ..DI RUMAH HATIKU...

p/s: puisi indah ini xde kena mengena dgn tuan blog(sebab bkn dia yg karang)....tapi ia indah..

Monday, November 24, 2008

complainers no more

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

You know what, if i want to said it out loud,work does take a toll on my life. If the thing called faith that is not building a wall of patient and passion inside of me, i would prolly be quitting by now..

I thought about complaining about office work...

but then again..

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was born without a father to love him, his mother died when he was 6, lived at mercy of his loving gradfather and uncle, boycotted by his own community, thrown out of his country, been thrown dirt at by little children, lost a spouse who loved, supported and believed in him, lost his beloved sons at very young age, accused of being a liar. was being ridiculed and humiliated by his own people, saw his friends being tortured and killed, and was so poor that he used to tie stones in his stomach to reduse his hunger...
(taken from Zabrina A. Bakar writings)

Astagfirullah... sungguh tak bersyukur nya mursyidah bt ismail....

Now, i realized, my life wasn't so bad at all...

p/s: Allah does not burden a soul beyond its capacity- Al-Baqarah 2:286

Saturday, November 22, 2008



I'm currently watching a video about a protest made against anti-tomboy Fatwa on You-tube. Just let me refresh you about the Fatwa thingy...the National Fatwa Council recently decided that, for a women with chromosome XX ( some ppl are confuse owh kay!!) to behave and act resembles a man is Haram ( A BIG NO NO!!!).....
but before i go further in to this topic let me just say that I know little about it and if i write anything wrong do please correct me...

One of the hadith from Rasullah,

from 'Ibn Abbas (Radhiyallaahu nhu) reported that Rasulullah (Sallallaaahu layhi Wasallam) cursed the hermaphrodite from the men and the like from the women.'

So, it is already been cleared that to behave and act resembles a man is a BIG NO NO!! since 1437 years ago....might be the fatwa is stated out to specify in detail about the Hadith..

but the problem is that, the one who did the protest aren't even muslim and they just went out in public and shouting that the National Fatwa Council is --stupid fucker-- astagfirullahalazim..
i just dont know what the world has turn out in to....

huru-hara (my fav word at the moment) dunia ini...

salah satu petanda akhirat semakin dekat??!!!

tetapi perkara yang berlaku adalah yang telah di benarkan oleh 4W1 s.w.t juga..atas perbuatan kita juga...

i only believe in, seeing the world as my heart is..
because if u see the world as it is, they would prolly no peace in 4W1 s.w.t land...

What goes around Comes around...


my uncle paid a visit just now, and i just found out 1's obsessive compulsive characteristic (disorder bunyi cam x best) really does runs in the uncle told us a story where he was afraid to cross the hanging bridge in Sunway Lagoon just because theres no tree underneath it for him to hang on to incase the bridge snap off...if it were my aunty instead of my uncle i would probably understand (because my aunty is much of a soft spoke and lady like kinda women) BUT his husband??!! Sunway Lagoon hanging bridge??!! come on...

and on my mum sides of story, which just happened few days a go, ( i can make book about this too--> entitled worry mommy!!) i was working late in the office.. (this week was soo hair is thinning because of it)... and i already inform my sis about it since she is the loyal sis who always pick me up at the, being a careless person ( trying to overcome it...sooon) i couldnt bother to charge my hp battery until its really dead which in this case happened just after i messaged my sis when to pick me up n blah blah.....meanwhile, my mum who is staying inside her room keep on trying to call me...( theres 1 time she missed call me like 44 times) untill by the time her obsessive compulsive had reach the peak she started calling my office and asking my colleague about me... mum had transfered her obsessiveness to them... i wasnt aware of the situation up until i charged my phone battery before getting ready to bed, when both of my colleague called to make sure i was ok and at the same time nag me about walking back home alone....
ya, saya faham ini semua salah saya..tapi saya mungkin tidak akan dapat mengelak daripada melakukan nya sekali lagi..harap anda semua faham...

but the problem is ( just to prove my theory) it wasnt my first time working out late ( theres time i even missed the last train back home) infact i never was home early ( the earliest in my record is 8.30 pm which only happened twice)...just its so happened that my hp is out and i was working late, my mum cant reach me and suddenly BAM! panic attack!!!

i cant blame her mother instinct though...( its importat at times) but i think her characteristic has becaome more obvious ever since grandma had moving in with us ...she can only stand to stay with us for a bout a month..reason being is she cant stop worrying about me working up late at night and etc.....the first night when she was with us, where of course i went back home late, she had my mum called me to be back home as soon as possible.... grandma even permits my mum of going out at night too...even to buy food for tomorrows breakfast at the corner shop.....

from the uncle to my mom, grandma, ( even all of my aunties..their stories even funnier..i tell you..hahaha) all of them is a worrier...

its funny, gives headache sometimes but overall its uniquely Seri Baya's!!!!

but i dont think the characeristic had passes down to my siblings since most of us is quite laid back, misses us but i hope it misses our future children too...

imagine my children ( berangan nye..xpe2 berangan tu free...) had the obsessive compulsive disorder...........

child: ummi, adik nak exam ni, ummi tak risau ke?
ummi: exam ke? ooo..xpe anak ummi pandai....layan je la....

tak ke huru hara ...



Thursday, November 20, 2008

tahu tapi buat2 x tahu...


the first thing that trigger the ppl around me when i just started working (beside asking-bile nak blanje mkn ni? because every time dpt gaji pun tny benda yg sama kan??) is--- when r u getting married..blah blah blah... they are the ones who push the panic button for me..isk isk..mane aci kan?? just recently my cousin of the same age suddenly pop up the question-- bile nak confirm...ade bf? ceh..ingat nak tny ble nak confirm keje ke...ish..but i couldn't care less to answer his questions because he himself is still single... but its the irony thing is, all my cousins of my age is still not attach to anyone... tulah keturunan seri baya yang lahir tahun1986 kot...nauzubillah...huhuhu...

anyway, anything that involve feelings and future happiness is something that i think is a serious and private matter...if i were to discuss it here, might else well i publish a romance novel.. (Habiburrahman pun kalah kot..hehehehe) its not that I'm against marriage ( sape la x nak kawen..rugi betul) its just that i'm not attach to anyone whats the point of discussing it rite? but dont worry its in the future somehow....insya4W1...

p/s: so excited to see my 2 mates getting engage..sgt chomel mereka berdua.....

Friday, November 14, 2008

it really is the mushy part...damn

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

i kinda stop writing for a while. Most things happened that involved other ppl feeling (as well as mine) that i don't really want to share with others. plus, working scheduled had turned most of my normal routine up side down...but overall everything is well put off...

but still i did manage to read my old post back when i'm still studying.. funny though, i cant believed I'm the 1 who wrote those things..gaggagagga

at first i was planning to delete all the blogs and retire from blogging, but after reading it all over again, rase mcm rugi je...

ok la..from now on..i'll try to write sumthing here..

i miss blogging..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ingat lepas lupa

saya lupa

awak lupa

kami lupa

semua orang lupa

melayu pun mudah lupa

bagaimana, bila, kenapa, apa, di mana semuanya lupa

Tapi Dia tak lupa

Jika kita ingat Dia tak lupa

saya akan tak lupa

awak akan tak lupa

kami akan tak lupa

semua orang akan tak lupa

melayu pun akan tak mudah lupa

jadi, kita kena ingat supaya tak lupa

Monday, August 18, 2008


'salam..the weekends spend with meeting peoplen eating out..with me as the birthday girl celebrating on the night of nisfu syaban- couldnt be more berkat....alhamdulillah.. while attending a feast at my aunty's house as 1 of her daugther is going to further her studies in egypt, i without much hesistation took the opportunity to give the new E520 to a test..huhuhu

Thursday, August 7, 2008

oh yeah..i've graduated...


2day , iam officially not a student ( dh xdpt dh discount on movies...huhuhuhu)...neway, it was an exciting day... it when well...just hoping that the on stage pic would turn out gud...
p/s- something missing..

Monday, July 28, 2008

ingat ingat lupa

yg di ingat lupa
yg patut diingat lupa
yg dilupa x pernah ingat
yg ingin dilupa teringat-ingat
yg teringat x lupa-lupa

apa yg perlu di ingat?
apa yg patut di lupa?

terlupa ke teringat?

Friday, July 25, 2008


used to do things on her own

always been taught to fake face, n is good at it

is not used n hv no idea on how to show feeling

sad, happy, annoyed- the same emotionless face

Friday, June 6, 2008

i wonder..


i wonder what would i turn to if:

1-i agreed on studying at boarding school far away from home
2- my family wont moved to kajang n is still staying at kelana jaya
3- didnt choose architecture as my major course instead choose science physic
4- didnt get involve in theatre

i wonder if it still turn out the way there r today.
i do regret things that i had done in past.
but life goes on.
but i thankful as what i turns out anyway.

todays question:have u ever asked yourself whether is it worth being patient when u noe thing r not going to get any better?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

working world---->>> its so different..

cant wait for the weekend to end to write a post, but this whole getting the first job is so over whelming... OMG!!.. i'm no longer a in officially...though learning will nver stop.... working as an assistant architect ( its far away from being a real 1..a loooooong way 2 go beb) has been overwhelming, part of it because it like in a far far away land( kajang -subang) though i knew subang well but since moving to Kajang 3 years back, Subang is never on the list of places to go to..miss my teen years where my frens n i used to lepaking at SP (sunway pyramid/ Subang Parade) all in 1 initial ...haih....anyway, the office enviroment is quite comfortable since the management is very proficient.. i have a company email, a free tour around the office n being introduced to was being done in an official way..weird though..hahhaha..
the work is like a so damn like giving an ant to carry a sugar cube in size of an elephant... givig that the ant is very hardworking..hahaha
o top of evrything i am so thankful that i had my mum making me breakfirst n pack my luch b4 i go to work..chomel kan? huhuhu eventhough the workplace is like going to the moon, but i will try to stay and work close to the people i love because i never want to regret for not being there for them in future...


p/s: been in the toughest situation...u can handle work life..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

now everyone can have bods like victoria becks

'salam..since food price has gone up, ppl who always on diet can actually felt relief because their temptation for food will reduced. you dont really have to try so hard because whenever you felt hungry, you would think about the expensiveness of food. i just wonder y rich ppl wants to be thin while the poor ppl tried so hard to get a piece of food in their mouth.