Thursday, December 30, 2010

the end or the beginning

moving towards the end, or starting a new beginning.
whatever it is, i still can't believe im going to end my single life soon.
grow up , please!!

p/s: baru last week unpack, pastu kena pack blk.. sila la jgn tiru gaya travel saya.. horrible i tell you..-___-"

Monday, December 13, 2010

Many thanks to everyone.

photos courtesy of Nab's

yes, i got engaged last Saturday.
I've not much to say on what Allah swt hv for me.
terima aja donk.
janji guer ready!

ape2 pun, my current aim is trying make a pause on:
self-indulging on food

and more on:
learn more about marriage life which is currently at nil.
bagaimana menjadi muslimah berhemah

and no, am not going to be another b2b blogger because:
am not really that enthusiast about the preparation
its all will be taken care by my aunties n families. (uncle chef, makcik wedding planner, cousin mua, most of my friends are photographers.. what more could I asked?)
sgt kedekut nak beli magazine pengantin

p/s: kursus kawen la plak *sigh

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

meet the new baby

Pak Teh gv me this ancient Nikon Camera ( older than my age)
Sebenarnya die bg pinjam jek tapi die x ckp kn pulang..hahahhahah

i just check the current price of the lense..almost 3k..wahahah


p/s: fungus dah bersawang.. nak cuci mcm pokai jekkkk -___-"