Friday, June 6, 2008

i wonder..


i wonder what would i turn to if:

1-i agreed on studying at boarding school far away from home
2- my family wont moved to kajang n is still staying at kelana jaya
3- didnt choose architecture as my major course instead choose science physic
4- didnt get involve in theatre

i wonder if it still turn out the way there r today.
i do regret things that i had done in past.
but life goes on.
but i thankful as what i turns out anyway.

todays question:have u ever asked yourself whether is it worth being patient when u noe thing r not going to get any better?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

working world---->>> its so different..

cant wait for the weekend to end to write a post, but this whole getting the first job is so over whelming... OMG!!.. i'm no longer a in officially...though learning will nver stop.... working as an assistant architect ( its far away from being a real 1..a loooooong way 2 go beb) has been overwhelming, part of it because it like in a far far away land( kajang -subang) though i knew subang well but since moving to Kajang 3 years back, Subang is never on the list of places to go to..miss my teen years where my frens n i used to lepaking at SP (sunway pyramid/ Subang Parade) all in 1 initial ...haih....anyway, the office enviroment is quite comfortable since the management is very proficient.. i have a company email, a free tour around the office n being introduced to was being done in an official way..weird though..hahhaha..
the work is like a so damn like giving an ant to carry a sugar cube in size of an elephant... givig that the ant is very hardworking..hahaha
o top of evrything i am so thankful that i had my mum making me breakfirst n pack my luch b4 i go to work..chomel kan? huhuhu eventhough the workplace is like going to the moon, but i will try to stay and work close to the people i love because i never want to regret for not being there for them in future...


p/s: been in the toughest situation...u can handle work life..