Thursday, January 29, 2009


Questions that I always come across that made me tongue tied ( sort off..)

0. What is architecture?
1. Kenapa tak jadi cikgu je?
2. Kenapa x drive je?
3. Are you serious? you, single? gotta be kidding...
4. When are u gonna get hitch?
5. Lawa la gigi..dulu kecik2 selalu jaga gigi ye?
6. You want me to introduce u to someone?
7. Why do you take architecture course?
8. Kenapa perempuan suka shopping?
9. Bila nak sambung study?
10. How's life?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

cuti yang tak di nanti-nantikan

'salam all..

happy CNY, but this holiday is not really what i've been waiting for but anywhooo am trying to make the best out of everything. Theres a asying i came a cross which is, 'no one would acually bother when you are sad, might else well you be happy? thats what i'll do.i just wish this world doesn't revolve around money..Boring betul...its so fake..
with the world economy going down the drain, you can actually see some people true colors. kan2?? tapi kena ingat juga siapa yg membenarkan ini semua berlaku... i just need to see the world as my heart is..thats the way it is..

Friday, January 23, 2009

a morning tradition

-a heavy traffic at kewajipan roundabout. true to its name, bulatan kewajipan= wajib jam

-watching a group of elderly women do a choreograph dance along with the latest pop song. Occasionally an old man who do qi qong at the same park would watch them dancing enthusiastically.

- being watch by the tnb guy as walking through five foot way at the shop offices

- at the office, making my own coffee, the tea lady-who-doesn't speak-english nor malay-and-scared-by others-more-than-the-real-boss!! without fail would get mad ( of course) just because you dont used a stirer for your coffee.

-switching on Facebook before the clock strike nine..

now its already a quater pass nine.Friday.they'll be more to come.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

burung kakak tua, hinggap di telinga.

i don't need parrots in my life.
at this time I'm being ignorance.
life made it that way.
shut shut and away.
for a while until i get it fix.
I and I and I

Monday, January 19, 2009


when the opportunity does come to you but with rules and regulation that make u think twice whether to pursue it or not. damn. i hate it when it happens. when you have waited so long for it to happen then BAM! sorry you are not really eligible( literally). maybe as we grow up, we actually needs to get used of rejection. tak suka tapi kena lalui juga. theres a lot of option out there, but why am i procrastinate them is a mystery to me. might be the office work load, hectic life.mungkin juga sebab dah lama x bersyukur. hina nya rasa. you know what when people always get rejected all the time, they might get afraid to try it again as fear of getting rejected. but as a human we have a choice rite? but its so vague. this is the denial talking..eeeee... snap..snap...anyway, whatever it is , life goes on.but whats life without a will to go on?..i have will.. i just misplaced it somewhere.must go and search for it..USED THE FORCE!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

main kejar -kejar


kerja lalalala
kejar kejar
kejar kerja
jantung jadi kencang
untuk senang
senang tapi jantung masih berkencang
sambil kejar kerja
kena beringat
senang bukan syarat tenang!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

kau pulak bile?

ans: akan di jawab pada masa hadapan.


Bali and Balinese

yup..i've been to Bali last weekend and it was an amazing experience that i would never forget. In my opinion, Bali and Balinese is like India and Indians, its just that, Bali is nearer and Balinese looks like Malays no matter what their religion is. and yes this is quite confusing once we were there, though i already knew about it. if you're a Muslim tourist a wise thing to do is ask if you are not sure about anything. and surprisingly Balinese is a friendly people. They live in harmony despite the differences in their believes. and it proves that it is not impossible to happen here.( all we need is love).
Our trip is very compact because we had only 2 days to visits all the interesting places where a normal tourist would take about a week to finish. we don't even stop to had lunch or dinner. most meal we had is while on the move. Most of the place we visited is actually their temple since Bali's 3.5 million people are mostly Hindu's. but their temple has been localize to their surrounding and culture , differents in what we see in Malaysia. This is when i tried to bring back the memory in History of Architecture. i also asked my Indian colleague about their religion and custom and I found that its quite similar to the Balinese Hindu's. My mom's is skeptic about visiting other religions worship places but I'm more liberal about it. i remember our family trip to Sri Lanka, we actually visited none of their cultural heritage. I think its a good thing to learn about other people culture and custom. You might be surprise of how delicate and interesting their ways of life is.

One of the interesting about Bali that is soooo much different in Malaysia is that they dont have road bullies, everyone drive their vehicle in a relax mood. According to a friend of a friend who studied there, even while you are riding a motorcycle, you can just simply hang your bag at the handle w/o worrying someone would snatch it. And you know what, i don't have to worry about a thing while crossing the road, even a blind man wouldn't need any assistant to do it. Cars would automatically slow down and give way for the pedestrian to cross the road. Totally different!!

About our visits to the temple, visitors need to wear proper clothing to enter, and for women who are having their periods are forbid to enter the temple (macam masuk masjid!) it was so happen i was the only lady who is eligible to enter all the temple but i accidentally enter the last temple we visited without knowing about it and the strange thing was i felt a lil' cold shiver and the heart beat faster. memang la cuak tahap dewa lepas tu..wawawaw..trusin guer bacain surah Yassin (separuh jalan je sempat)......baru lega.....gagagaga

Anyway, we manage to do everything Bali there and I'll consider this trip a success!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'M GOING TO.......

p/s: will updates later on....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

beban korban

dlahirkan pada raya qurban
perlu juga hidup dalam pengorbanan
mungkin sebab sudah biasa terkorban
dah tak rasa beban

pengorbanan yang terpaksa di beban
sebab manusia yang tak inginkan bebanan
yang ingat kita boleh hidup cuma berkemban
tapi belanja bisnes beribu-riban
yang dirumah macam hidup dalam reban
mungkin kurang pasti yang mana perlu dikorbankan
yang mempunyai pertalian
atau wang ringgit di perbankan

tapi tak mungkin kurang kepastian
belajar tinggi sampai di awangan

cuma nafsu yang menjadi tarikan
lemah betul iman
ikutkan syaitan
jadi manusia bertopengkan haiwan

Monday, January 5, 2009

resolution what so ever...


never in my life i have met anyone who had actually success in accomplished their new year resolution. Only 46% of the world population, had actually manage to accomplished their resolution. What happens is their resolve becomes a I right? and only 70% of adults would bother making resolutions. So, i would consider myself as the majority ( majority get to rule the country tau!!).hey, i'm not writing craps but this is base on fact owhkay!! If i'm not mistaken, the last time i even bother making one is when the english teacher asked to do an esei entitled "my new year resolution'. So, i actually had to think really2 hard and to make believed that i had and made one.( so that i wont look that stupid. Peer pressure was a big thing back then..)
I would consider myself as realistic person. though i can be emotionally effected when it counts ( you know during that time of the month or sometimes whenever i'm hungry and...enuf of the details..) but I AM more than 50% realistic.therefore, in making a long term resolution is just too much for me.let say for example, you aim to get a 4 FLAT for the up coming semester and yet in the history of studying architecture there were never a student who gets a 4 flat, and yet you aim the impossible. plg koman aim dean list oraite gak kan?? in my believes, theres only 3 things in life that you cannot predict, marriage ( means your life partner), fortune a.k.a rezeki and death.But i don't put it all on fate..( gle pemalas klu mcm tu).. it needs determination, hard work and lots of prayer to make the world goes round.
I only make resolution whenever i want ( i doesn't have to be every new year),and base on my capabilities and has to be realistic..

orang beresolusi
kita juga nak beresolusi
tapi akhirnya tak berisi

jika ingin beresolusi
biar yang dapat direalisasi
bukan angan merewang langit tinggi
tapi akhirnya terjaga berair liur basi!!!