Wednesday, September 30, 2009

finding reasons

to shop.

i shop for shoes and clothes impulsively w/o trying to find the reason ( wonder if there is any.hah.) then went home, mom asked, ' u got nothing else to do besides shopping heh?'. i simply reply instantaneously, ' mama org depress kn la pegi shopping.' yeah rite. so much of finding a reason. and again, mom gave the annoyed look (*again). 'depress la sangat.ceh'..

and the next day,my fav shoe broke.
there goes a reason too late.

the moral of the story is, don't wait for reasons, follow your guts and shop!


still not too late to update about raya right? its a different raya of course. instead of receiving green packet, i'm the one whos giving it out.the excitement is still the same nonetheless. just the end results differed. i end up empty handed. if i were my lil' cousin, i would be grateful to have so many older cousins who is already working. syiok wey.being one of the older grandchildren in the family, in the mid-20s, it is so hard not to avoid being ask the M q's.and having a lot of aunties only worsen the issues since some of them like to play cupid. i know what mak ngah intentions when she suddenly took all of her single nieces photo... nice approach heh..anyhow, my raya only celebrated on the 1st Syawal, started fasting the next day and went back to kajang. surprisingly, the most visited places during my 9-days raya hols is the hospital..yeah..clap2.. for just making an appointment to extract the wisdom tooth, i had to go to 3 hospitals.nice heh.. i'll show how does my teeth x ray look like later.. in total, i went to 4 hospitals. 1 of them was visiting mom's fren's husband whos in icu..after went broke giving out green packet, what else is relevant to do than being mom's helper at home..yeap.. a helpless helper..above all, i had a blast on raya!

and a granma's helper...hehehe

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a peek

'You are the expert of you. while other people may be experts on how you're supposed to behave, only you know at a fundamental level what does (or doesn't) work for you'

Thank you.
The curiosity that arouse reminds me that there are people who cares. How can i not be grateful for that.

p/s: ' dont make the same mistake as i did'-
i'm holding on to this.

Monday, September 28, 2009

where to?

i came a cross a quote,

The World is a Book, and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only A Page

I said it out loud to mom and gave me the annoyed look. hehehe..
she said, the world is only at your fingertip, u can always google...

nahh.. i'm greedy.. i like both..googling and traveling..

i get adrenaline rush when i think about traveling..
sometimes i need someone to gimme a smack to get me relax..

p/s: sometimes u gotta be cruel to be kind. after all, you are only supporting actor in everyone's play.

Friday, September 18, 2009

things that happen simultaneously does amaze me.and sometimes it can create a misunderstandings. people see it like that. the one who experienced it saw otherwise. i just hope mine wont end up like that. Jiwa kental!!

for the second time.

happy raya ppl.

and again the hiatus starts now!

i hate to hate

i hates when i hated something. because i tried so hard not to hate. because when you hate, the things you hate will come at you.Than you become more hate about it that you used too. Because the mind is like a very powerful magnet. It attracts whats the mind is thinking. whether the thinking is good or bad. so, being a woman, naturally who likes to worry and thinks so ridiculously until when you gain conscious you went- ' why on earth did i ever thought like that', I can't help being overly thought and a control freak. The practice of positive thinking does work, sometimes i just hate when there is doubts being trigger into my heart. I'm still learning on how to murder those doubts. sometimes it works sometimes i flunk. just bare in mind not to use the word hate. seriously, you'll hate it.

p/s: i shouldn't swear when i said i hate smoke..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

its the time for family

“So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” xFenderx

Morrie Schwartz quote


will be hiatus for a week.!! weeeeeee

positive wave

analogi manusia dgn gelombang. bermula dari satu titik dan merambat dari medium ke medium yg lain. Dalam masa yg sama terdapat gelombang gelombang lain yang terhasil. Ada ketika di dalam medium yang sama, pertembungan antara dua atau lebih gelombang berlaku. Inteferens ini mengahsil kan nod yang ada kalanya memusnah atau membina. Kemudian gelombang itu akan terus merambat dengan halaju atau amplitud yang berbeza dan mungkin seiringan dengan gelombang dimana berlakunya interferens itu. adakalanya gelombang melalui medium-medium yang berbeza, seperti gas dimana perambatan nya perlahan, cecair, perambatannya sederhana dan pepejal, perambatan secara maksimum.Dan akhirnya gelombang gelombang ini akan semakin berkurangan halaju, amplitud tapi ia tidak musnah. kerana teori albert einstein mengatakan tenaga tidak boleh dimusnahkan. ia cuma berubah dari satu tenaga ke tenaga yg berlainan. dan kadang kadang tenaga itu hanya dibazirkan untuk menentang geseran...

aku nak jadi gelombang yg merambat di medium pepejal dan hanya melakukan interferens membina dan mempunyai gelombang gelombang lain yang seiringan dan akhirnya berubah tenaga yang bermanfaat.

i'll live on.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the last week of ramadhan is fills with breakfast invitation.. yeah.. this time around ramadhan is quite lively with gatherings, meeting old/new ppl.. tp ibadat mase ramadhan agak memalukan.. how i wish ramadhan is longer... hoping to meet ramadhan next year and make the best out of it..


nak buka apa ye?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

mistaken identity

i think i should make a record on how many people who called me yuna while walking on the the street. its not amusing at all. seriously, yuna is making lots of money with her music and ppl aren't likely to saw her on the lrt. come on. no wonder ppl sometimes gave me a second look everytime they saw my face. i sing like a frog and so noob with music instruments. you got the wrong person.sorry.

Friday, September 11, 2009

4 inch no less than that

i'm soooo addicted to heels.. i know i'm going to make the podiatrist out there rich and shoes company richer, but i cant get rid of the addictiveness. there was one time when i walk the whole day wearing 4 inch heels and end up walking with flat slippers 2 straight days.. moms said my feet looks so man with the blood vessels sticking out like wires... ' takpa mama beauty is pain and this pain is categorize as the one i enjoy'hahhaah... i already have a space that i can store all my shoes collection but now the shoes starts spilling out..sue me plz.

oh god.. i havent had this kind yet...ooooo....*wink*wink

What happens in San Francisco, stays in San Fr...Image by Darwin Bell via Flickr

p/s: wearing heels make me stand as tall as him... tp time berjalan takde la selaju...berdarah wey...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

puasa puasa...

its already noon. there is something smells like curry here. it made me thinks about the murtabak at pantai dalam bazar..*sigh. shamini must be having her home made lunch. nyum nyum...


puasa oi..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

world is full of abundance

kalau tgh marah mesti lapar kan
skrg tgh lapar
tp tgh nak diet
kesimpulannya, marah adalah tips utk kurus.
ye betul.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i am amazed
when whats on my mind
is spoken out loud on his
when im hungry
and thinking of what am i going to have for dinner
he came and suggest the place
when trying to scare him from behind
he turn just about the time
like he feels the presence w/o seeing
damn. its so hard to scare him sometimes.
when i look at the phone
just in time to receive his messages

hehehehe.. aku ske time tu.. tp kadang2 x jadi pun. klu jadi mesti rase best..

me likey.



last week was the clashes breakfast between college friends n Uni's. the juggling of time and running from 1 place to another paid off. borak smpi penat mulut dan makan smpi penat perut.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i had a worker appraisal a couple of weeks ago..and i still wonder what exactly does it for. i changed architect, since the previous one had resigned...what else is new...let see.... i like the current weather during this ramadhan...cooling. it feels like Allah wants to lessen our burden who cant stand the hot sun (aku la tu kan)...alhamdulillah...oh yeah.. i changed my route to work.. just because i cant stand this 1 guy who being too friendly and start giving me bizz card and a lot of others.. zal suggest me to wear purdah..thats like the worse case scenario.. i like to commute by train since i got time to read.. the walk is excercising etc...but i just cant stand being acknowledge by ppl with motives.. bad ones...n i'm still thinking wether should i apply extra leave during raya.. as i think the 2 days of holiday is more than enough.i rather go to work than doing nothing at home...but i prolly apply an extra 3 days...what the hell, all i care is the trip to jogja.. its like in another 2 months.. tp tak sabar rr... cant wait2... borobudur here i come....

p/s: i just bought one of these.. (rolling eyes) yeah2.. sgt hygienic cautious kan...suke hatila...

ada satu watak dalam kartun shin chan ( sy sgt ske) yg mak kepada kawan perempuan shin chan, yg apabila die bengang dan marah akan ke bilik air dan buat teddy bear rabbit die sbg punching bag. cara yg bijak utk mengawal kemarahan. aku rase nak buat mcm tu r.. nak ade teddy bear pooh yg gemuk dan besar pastu buat punching bag kat bilik bila marah...

Pooh as realised by DisneyImage via Wikipedia

' i feel like punching u right @ ur stomach'