Sunday, January 31, 2010

semoga menang la gunnerz.

nasib baik awal2 dh ngaku gedik.
tp sedap je mee bandung tu
but nex time xyah la berusaha nak kopek kulit udang galah tu klu mkn.
cian org sebelah.hahahaha

Thursday, January 28, 2010

contest baru pulak!!

i'm 110 lbs. So?

This is a bus stop for Fitness First advertising strategy. it is a unique way, but i dont think people especially ladies would like to advertise their weight to the public while waiting for the bus. stress je kot tggu bas sambil tgk berat kte dipaparkan besar pnye! hahahah
but i give credits to their creativity!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

aura tak best

ade one time yg first time, pegi masuk kedai emas, teman mama and along tgk2. x penah2 pun masuk kedai mas sblm ni. tp tak bli pun. . blergh. berangan je kot dulu. anyway, lepas tu tgk2 tokey tu pun tegur ' lu cari cincin kawen ka?' , my reply was, ' eh tak2, sy xde tp die ade ( smbil tunjuk kat along' ' tokey tu pun jawab, ' wooo, rugila you'.. terima kasih ye tokey sbb bg sy rase lg pathetic. supposedly, org tu tegur, sbb ak nampak lg tua compare dgn along yg lg rendang tu. hhehe. ade pros n cons die la sbnrnya..
tp yg pasti xnak dh msk kedai emas.
2nd tapi, ade org kate gold investment menguntungkan..

whatever it is, im just bored.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

name tag

dah2.. g buat thesis plak..haih

i got sunshine on rainy days!

A man is happy so long as he chooses to be happy and nothing can stop him!

Monday, January 25, 2010

dah potong pun masalah jugak

if i were nenek, i would said to mama,

' ekau nak kojo esok pagi kan kiah? buek2 la bonti men kompito tu. kang esk pg lambek laie poie kojo'

Ever since we had the wimax installed, mama had slept late at night, blog hopping here and there.


Friday, January 22, 2010

it took my breath away

i just cannot imagine what my best friend did
OMG! she did and won!
With profit comes risk
she took the risk and received her profit
can it be the other way round?
like receiving the profit and later known the risk for taking the profit?
macam paksa rela
dah dapat, nak tak nak kena la face the risk
that doesnt sound nice aite?
but if you are not aware of the risk beforehand, why take the profit?
there are no good nor bad
but thinking make it so..

whatever it is, aku bangga dgn tindakan aleya. sbb aku sendiri pun x dapat bayangkan aku buat macam tu. wow.
all the best besties!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

interestingly good

currently am addicted to downloading talks by scholars at TED talks. the talks are quite interesting (utk org2 geeky). but watching it on the way back home on the 2 inches screen makes me dizzy.sampai2 rumah migraine dgn muka sembab. tapi tu jela teman yg ade kan (pathetic r ko mushy). but the thing is, our knowledge need to expand parallel with the IT. later when your children ask 'where does baby come from mummy?', you are going to explain it like a is no surprise later on what we know now is what a 10 years old kid will be learning. braincell expand and so does the head.buruknya.bluekk. ape yang penting. balance.

Monday, January 18, 2010

thank god i dont wear specs.

i hate it when i dont have time to do thing that i like. even i cant sit long enough to watch tv. it always the reverse happen.the tv would watch me instead. i just remember they made books in audio now. sgt best ok! ( yeah yeah i'm such a nerd) but seriously, listening to mp3 songs doesnt do any benefits. just empty.dengar sbb jiwa kosong. lepas dgr jiwa masih kosong. at least listening to audio books keeps the mind going. lmbt skit la kot nak kn parkison or alzheimer. hehhe. i like words, not numbers. sorry.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


belum cukup jahat untuk hidup
belum cukup baik untuk mati
tapi masih sempat tidur dan bermimpi

Friday, January 15, 2010

for good and for worse

noBody perfect. we have a perfect human being to follow which is the prophet. i remember watching on tv, the host asked,' dont u think that to having an idealistic characteristic is somewhat dreamy and unrealistic?'; if you look it in a very secluded angle yes it is. but i suppose we do need to have such an idealistic concept of a person. so that as we grew up with life we are trying to improve to being a better person. its better die trying than escaping taking risk. lazy is what makes human stop growing with life.
yeap. the past few days i felt kinda demotivated. now, trying to cath up bit by bit. like finishing this post. took me a day. asyik kn tulis surat cinta dekat authority je..hahaha
today felt like a birthday, received unexpected gifts (lebeyh dari 1 plak tu) . ececece. (thanks auntie jasmin n sha!). i felt like i do not know how to take compliments. a good friends used to notice these as i seem somewhat blur on how to react when ppl said nice things to you. sape la yg x ske kn puji. cuma kadang tu mmg blur aje memanjang.. - ___-" i think i know why...i supposed it is true..
but one thing is, no one is truly evil nor absolute angel. so theres always a good thing in each one of us. klu kte jumpe sesuatu perkara yg baik dlm diri seorg yg selalu dianggap jahat, pasti menarik kan. like devil in disguise or vice versa. concentr8 on the good things of will shines through. eksperimen ni dh di jalankan.. hipotesis dia di terima. seyes!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i need drugs

serius sakit.. klu x sakit xde la nak merengek. plg sedey nak bgn pagi tadi, ade blood stain kat mulut, mcm kena tumbuk ngan mafia sampai darah pastu pengsan.. tp terbayang plak dlm muvi zombieland.. habis bantal feveret ade blood stain..bgn dgn migrain sebelah kepala.hish. semlm mc pun dah ade kontroversi. sape suruh mc tp still aktif berfesbuk.. masalah ade hp bleyh on9..bluekk..padan muka...
lg satu plg sedih nak mkn roti kn kulum kat mulut baru telan.. sedey gle.. roti yg 5 minit bleyh habis, kn amik 20 minit..lps tu berangan nak mkn hotdog 1901( mcm ugly tak2..errr)menyesal nye tak melantak sebelum cabut gigi..haih
skrg kat ofis menahan sakit. tp x leh luah sbb mulut bau darah.=(

disgusting ain't it? i agree too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

*mobile mode*

this are the peak of my tiredness at work. when i have to take 2 bottle of energy drink just to get back home.blergh P.E.N.A.T. letargi sebab bekerja. i dont want to make it so obvious that i go to work b4 the sunrise n reach home after makes me feel like a workaholic-women-who-aint-got-a-life. hish. but i'm so not ok. and no i'm not in denial. three more years n i'm done. ohh-ehmm-ji! tggl tulang je kot time tu. just when time is limited, u just hv to arrange things according to the importants. u dont want to become other ppl options when they r ur priority. (mcm xde kn mengena) whatever. whats important now is shower n sleep.

i know. this post smells.

color my life with the chaos of trouble

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

thought in train

*blogging in mobile mode*

i supposed skipping lunch would make me hungry like a zombie, but affter a slice of apam balik, i'm felt full already.theres koay tiew soup waiting for me at home. i'll save that for the korean series marathon later tonite. oh yeah.nicely plan. its starting to get hectic at the office. hope to be able juggling it between assgmts.the changes seems to be taking place.
anyway, its the tiger year for the second time in my life. that would makes me 24. moms was married with 2 kids at this time. this love and marriage thingy is always a hot topic to be discuss. and since my so-called-cubicle is surrounded by XY-gene, the topic is quite debatable. so, much of their ego, i always lost in most arguement. or rather we agreed to disagree with each other.thank god i seldom been asked for love advicebut if u want me to compare man n women i would be happpy to gv an hour lecture.

sometimes ppl who brag about things they know are afraid of it.

half awake. half asleep

either way, i still can't understand football. hahahah

Monday, January 4, 2010

flip through flickr

i thought i never going to open a flickr account. but i just need to open one so that to fulfill the subject i'm taking.

the account

so, kn browse alik gamba lama2 and edit and upload.oh yeah.