Monday, August 30, 2010

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts

pose tak serius

pose tak serius lagi

pose serius

pose serius lagi

Saturday, August 28, 2010

think tank

i might not be the best person to say it right nor to judge people. but i do think, from what i've been taught, when Allah swt give us the blessing for breaking fast, it is cruel for us to neglect His order...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feeling so Girl Power Today!

Monday, August 23, 2010


had a fun breaking fast date with primary schoolmates.. primary tuhz...12 years ago....I remember vividly, the first time we did breaking fast together which was last year, most of the topic were about studies, jobs and now, after a year, the topic drastically changed to marriage, wedding. it prolly because one of us are getting married( tapi sbnrnya sbb sorg tu pakcik die Rizalman.ceh) anyhow, im not surprise if the next up coming reunion, the topic is about babies, nak anta anak tuition, susu dah mahal..etc hahahahha

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I ain't cooler than ya

tbe2 je nak nigga2.eceh.

Monday, August 16, 2010


its 16th of August for the 24th times in my life. Thank you for the wish people!XOXO

Friday, August 13, 2010

Between the wish and the thing life lies waiting

we improve more when being praise rather than criticize. In this case, my lil' bro has improve a lot in being a responsible boy. Since, alia came home for her summer break, we had him to lead us in prayers (sebelum ni ade jugak tp mcm malas2) we praised and gv encouragement for doing it ( tapi kadang2 kakak2 die demand suruh bc surah pendek2 je..LOL) I'm kinda grateful how he turns out. nanti b'day amir angah bg reward ekk..
and Ramadhan has been good for a start. i'm kinda like it. like they say, a good start is already half done. =)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

fatigués mais heureux

I'm kinda overwhelmed by the drastic change that happened throughout this past few weeks. from singular to plural, my lil' brother starts asking beauty tips from ( oh yeah, his growing up and becoming one of the hot stuff at school is hard to keep up) a few of my friends has already graduated in B.Arch. I"m going to move out with my sis and staying in Damansara which will take place in November. Classes was so hectic ( because it always collides with the time i need to socialize with my gfs) sbnrnya kelas anil tu lg kesian kot kan..heheheh.. i was so tired last weekend to the point when we went karaoke, I slept when they were busy singing... tomorrow is the start of Ramadhan. wish i can fulfill my aim this year. haiyakkkkkkkkkkk...

feels like fainting.tbe2 dh nmpk masjid kat luar tu.. -__-"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Keep it in Silence

Reason for body aching II

Aainaa and friend's Convocation Day.

Reason for body aching I

Riadhi & Ida Pre-Wed

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

misi inspirasi

currently I'm on a mission to read on as much of architecture book I can get. It started out about 2 weeks ago. the books actually varies from architecture book and my all time fav genre- inspirational books. So, early morning at 7am as i reach KL Sentral, I would have breakfast at McD. I would order McD breakfast special, rotating the four meal with a coffee each time. So, i would use the time there to finish at least a chapter of the book. This morning, due to a sleep deprivation, terlelap sambil baca. @_@

so, keep in mind that i should have an adequate sleep in order for the mission to succeed.

terkial-kial nak study, sbb blk rumah kopem tdo pnye....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mises à jour actuelles

*I only manage to recover 10% of my deleted photo. better than nothing huh?
*Is in a Boredom of Oz
*Just realized that it has been almost 4 month since she had traveled far far away
Someone in the office did a counting on a number of time I'm mentioning Air Asia is now flying to Korea (stress ok!)
*August, September, October, November, December.......4 month to go -___-"
*I think i can plan a short trip in between those month...nak pegi pegi...........s'pore sbb pic album s'pore sume hancusss.....
*design progress sgt lembab mcm tisu..
*sgt berharap Ramadhan thn ni lebih baik dari tahun lepas yg penuh dgn lara...........
*always likes to take photo, but when someone asked, 'nak amik gamba bley?'.. what the hell kann..
*hunger for inspirationn urghhh.. nak jalan2 tgk bangunan..*sigh

one of the recovered photo

p/s: i hope i wont get Alzheimer and forget that i've been to those places... makan kismis bnyk2..

remember how hard it is to change yourself, think about changing other people, almost impossible.

August is a month where i likes to talk about growth. Ring a bell to those who knows ( x perlu bg reminder ye). Age is just a number. Growing old is mandatory growing up is optional. that is why a half century man can act like a boy who just hit puberty and a mother and daughter can look like sisters when out in public. nonetheless, there always a kid in everyone of us especially in having fun. imagine doing fun stuff the adults way? errrr.. A TOTAL BOREDOM! so, brings out the kid in you when having fun! baru best cenghitu..

This period in the early 20's where you already have a basic idea of who you are, what you want, though it might not be thoroughly cook, but the seeds of idea has already planted in our minds (ye mmg terpengaruh dgn Inception)... This young thoughts so to say is fresh, virgins and yet to be challenge in the real world and when challenges comes, we are force to challenge the thought.. its either change the thought or stick to it no matter what..the thought becomes a standing ego. I'm too at guilt of trying to be always right all the time. but soon I realized there is always a 2 side of everything. good and bad, right and wrong, winning and losing, it just depends on at which angle you see it.. im a bit tone down at the arguing part. kadang2 malas nak argue. arguing with a fool, there are 2 fools. let bygone be bygone.

itula die perkara yg berlaku bila menghadapi hari2 tua. LOL