Saturday, February 27, 2010

I still do though....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

when will the someday comes?

berair mata tgk..

mushy being mushy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the road less traveled

aya: u always followed the safe road in your life. takde adventure langsung
me: though i follow the safest road, i did just ok.

i thought it was ok.
until one day someone said to me, with profit comes risk.

should i?

or can i choose what risk to take?

you know what? hmmm..never mind...

You know what i grew up with?
love & hate

You know what i learned and discovered?
to love & to be love

You know what changed me?

You know what made me cried?

You know what scares me the most ?(besides Allah swt of course)

You know what I attempted to do?
to live without love because the only thing that last forever is Allah swt and His love.

Can i?

yeah right.

Monday, February 22, 2010

jiwa kental pnya scorpion!

ni pic Leo tgh makan. mushy mmg tuan yg plg hampeh sbb dh hampir 2 bln x bg die makan. lol! nak jaga menatang ni plg sng sbb kn bg mkn smggu sekali je, tp still x bleyh nak buat.. nasib baik hidup lg.. klu x mmg la berdosa sbb menzalimi binatang. sepatutnya bli 2 ekor sbb klu nak bela binatang baik berpasangan. tp masalahnya jantan tino nye pun x sure. kang ade plak hubungan songsang -__-" lol! tp setiap kali lewat bg mkn leo akan try nak escape dr reban die ( dlm tupperware plastic je...ape daaa) sbb dpt tuan mcm ni sape la xnak lari kot.. tak tahu la klu mushy ade bela kucing ke hamster yg kena bg makan hari2. fuhhh.. mom doesnt allowed furry animal inside the house. rasenye mesti leo ni lonely sbb xde geng... asyik dok kat bawah katil je.. i feel u man!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

im going to burn the midnight oil this weekend. the only thing that i can get the work done is when im grumpy AND when everyone is asleep.

its going to be a grumpy and sleepless night. dang!

p/s: how i wish things will be ok if u just trust yourself.
this grumpy feeling really gets the work done. i just finished vacumming, doing the laundry, baking, cleaning. fuhh.. when u hv two lil brother, they really made u like a maid. manja x hengat.
anyway my choc cake taste like one.haha. havent lost the touch yet.
now, i just left to iron the clothes, shower, n pray.
gigih seyh.

i like the work done when im grumpy but i hate that the work can only be done only when im grumpy.

a grumpy hungry person gets the work done in an angry way.

Friday, February 19, 2010

food crave

its instant noodle for lunch and dinner. not a good diet, i know. couldn't be bother with it now. i am so going to have a big breakfast tomorrow. Nabilah, x payah dengki ngan mushy. kurus x sht x best.hahaha. lapar la. hish.
this is a hungry post. my mood is inversely proportion with the content in my stomach.
i wish to eat pancakes with maple syrup.

mom asked to bake. its been a while since i bake 1. i turned the cooking mode off for now.

skrg dah lain dah. tapi ada perkara tetap sama.

p/s: its not that i dont want to but its not worth the effort to even try. i prefer sleep.

The Island Retreat

“You never know how many friends you have until you rent a house on the beach”

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Deep Down I Know......

.....and hope to find a way.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

berhenti di perhentian

abah: gaji ko pegi mane je... berjalan..
me: aahla.. klu dah kawen nnt xleh jalan dah... (alasan semata- mata)


i celebrated
2 new years in an island! totally awesome!
my honeymoon are sooo going to be in Perhentian Island.. that beach are so beautiful..masya4W1.
I think one thing that can get our studio member get together is Beach, Sun n Surf.
The trip to the East once again a success. You know how sometimes people change when they are on a trip, but i guess for us, we manage to overcome that and have fun. Of course there were glitches here and there, but overall, the trip was memorable. I love traveling with them because though we were busy having fun and all, tp yg wajib2 jaga..ustaz mirul ada, oda ada..baguih depa..

Kak rose n master G wedding was an unforgettable. they were together back before we were in first year. watching them got married was kinda relief..hahahha at last...fuhhh.. Alhamdulillah

and on the way back i had a heart to heart conversation about life, future and relationship with them and it was kinda exciting..sharing is caring..=P ( im a Doctor love now ok!)

i'm still fascinated by the sealife in Perhentian...

so, who's next in line?

I want to go to Taman Negara and Mt. Kinabalu!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

x nyesal tukar keta

tgh perbincangan serius ttg kehidupan.tak jd nak tdo.wah!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

ganu kite

the journey seems short (msk kreta trus basi bgn dn smpi dh) Perform subuh prayer
@ Dungun where Faiz's kampung is. up for beaching this morning. i just hope we dont go all tan arriving at roses n zalis wed.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


the one thing that always a conflict whenever i'm traveling is whether i'm in to take photograph or my photograph taken. I already set with battery pack, flash gun, 2 lenses for this trip (semangat tu tak tahan.. mekasih ye fendi bendi pinjamkan) but still, i just wonder if ever ended up passing the camera to someone else to take photos. If thats the case, the end result of the photos would sucks. when you are half hearted or confused between two things it doesn't end up good right?

they were engaged 2 years back, i'd blog about it here . They've made my photo as their wedding card picture *smug ( tapi gamba bese je). anyway i like what they wrote on the wedding card. kejap ekk nak google jap.. its a common quotes about wedding but a nice one..

*after 2o mins*

tak jumpa la plak.. but its something about fatimah az-zahra, saidina Ali, about not to become choosy about life partner and all. ( menarik tp explaination ni x bunyi menarik kan)

anyway, i enjoy going to weddings. i received a lot of wedding invitation this year. kena prepare baju bnyk2 nih! heheheh

p/s: it takes two to tango =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

im cleaning up my closet

excite. content. a feeling needed to starts the hols.

i only believe that everything will be alright.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bila dah jadi nenek!

busybody betul

I saw an old lady at Dorot department last sunday with her families shopping for CNY. Being there, i suppose she didn't browse through the clothes, she must hv been there to follow her grandchildren n daughter. But at the Dorot's, she went to the full height mirror and checked out her wrinkles. trying to push the wrinkles upward and watching it looses (she did go back n forth to the mirror 3 times) makes me want to say to her, ' auntie, at your golden age, u are already beautiful, those wrinkles are the prettiest accessories a women like u can have.'

tp x ckp pun. -__-"

anyway, age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. (mark twain)

p/s: kena aim jadi nenek yg happy n ceria! woot!woot!

dah terbeli dah.. nasib la..

biar la pintu almari tu dh tercabut. I still n will and will always will shop.

shop makes u choose
choosing from what u likes
you would never come across when shopping
choosing something that you don't like

but now, im not running late
nor chasing it
but i knew silence doesn't make the choosing
its like fertilizer that makes it grow bigger
but i did choose
but the decision passed without anyone notice
instead they still questions and argue
now i wonder if choosing otherwise
would close the deal.
since making everyone happy is my gift =)
(maaf... statement perasan skit)

if only it is like choosing clothes at Zara markdown sale. *sigh

Monday, February 8, 2010

pakcik Johnny buat saya kenyang!

i came across a quote @ UIA's Library ( diorg nye library lawa gle wey) about envy,

blowing someone else candle doesn't make your candle shines any brighter
burp... Im too full to elaborate any further. Blame that steamboat!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

scale is very important

im at moms newly bought apartment. it was actually for one of her children to live when one of us got married but apparently, it is so not gonna happen at this moment. (tula mama pk kelaut sgt. haih). so in the end she decided to rent it off. mama ways of advertising is so not workable. guna kertas A4 je. the house next door pun gn kertas A1. but at least she did use the internet to advertise. advance la jugak mak ak ni. lalalalala ape yg penting skrg dh rs brlengas nak blk mandi!

p/s: tu la along x nak kawen, kan dh melepas umah free. haih.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

tetttt! salah! cuba sekali lg!

i made plans for date=rejected
other people made plan to date me=rejected
now, im home alone watching mandarin news on 8tv.
takpe. rejection makes the world go round.

p/s:at least puteri lindungan bulan tu ade rupa manusia:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

patah kopi

my caffeine consumption increased to 3 cups a day. 2 cups a day is a normal daily consumption where doing so can reduce of having Parkinson disease for 15%, decrease the chances of having heart attack, increase metabolism thus maintain an ideal weight ( ni saya ske la). But as for me, the number of cups is proportionate to the rate of stress. when too much gives a reverse effect and when not having it at all will makes me grumpy all day. sangat sucker dgn caffeine. The Germans said, coffee and love are best serve when they are hot, the Dutch wants their man to be like coffee, hot, sweet and strong. And, behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee (this is quite true in my circumstances ) and I do wonder if the Lipton employees take coffee break.
( kesian plak klu xde kan).

supposedly i want to write about something else, ended up writing crap about my caffeine freak plak.
whatever it is i'm going to make my 3rd cup of coffee.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dewasa ini!

bila Mel kol sbb nak tanya camne nak cash in kan cek, tika itu rasa mcm sangat tua. Mel kate sbb dah keje mest tahu pasal kewangan2 ni..hahahahh (x kesah pun sbnrnya, tp mcm lawak) . org 24 thn tgh blaja, dgn org 24 thn dah kerja rasa ade perbezaan umur 10 thn....hanya di sebabkan status hidup.

I am a walking inquiry desk!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sekarang baru tahu

lepas edit2 gambar utk assgmt, baru sedar bnyk gle jalan last yr owhkay. OMG. teruknya nafsu jalan. gulp! therfore i pronounce 2009 as Tahun Mursyidah Melihat Dunia. I think, 2010 will be the same but with added Tahun Mursyidah Melihat Dunia tetapi Masih Berpjak Di Bumi Yg Nyata. Because 2009, i travelled like nobody biz. So, 2010 will be a bit less since i hv to attend class and all.


baik menyesal buat dari mempersoalkan apakah akan terjadi bila kte buat. ( tapi x bleyh ikut sgt mende ni.. mcm bahaya je..-__-")

Monday, February 1, 2010

gossip semata-mata

Apples new Ipad really gives confusion for the ladies.
They were asking whether it can reduce period pains.


sila tukar nama!

tapi kalah..hohohoho

i was so confused on which search engine to use, is it yahoo or google. within a split second my brain n hand were clashed and i typed


sesuai buat new search engine untuk malaysia.