Monday, March 30, 2009

hai, nama saya Derita!


seriously, the name of the cashier at the kelana jaya 7-eleven is Derita. she is a mid-40 women btw. i'm imagining what her most likely questions she would prolly encounter in her life?

the lady: hye, saya Derita?
anonymous: kesian nye awk. kenapa awk derita.
the lady: mak saya yg bg
anonymous: zalim nye mak awk
the lady: awk kte mak sy zalim!!! amik kau!!gedebush...

seksa, derita...
mungkin die mmg suke derita..huhuhu
suka derita
tp derita..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

been there done that


before the memories of the euro trip got rotten in my head, i would prolly write something rite? yeap, i've been to london-dublin-paris-dublin-london 4 the past 10 days and it was tiring, fun, an eye opener and made me love my homeland even more..seriously!! the air asia tag line- now everyone can fly really is true. if u got a tix to london, u can go to anywhere in europe for less than rm500 return tix. u name it, paris, barcelona, italy, german, amsterdam and the list goes on. u just need a guts to do it. cannot wait for sum1 to organize it for, it would take years my dear. and travelling in an advance country in europe, there are unlikely to be any problem to get to 1 place.. yeap, setelah ditinggalkan di kota london keseorangan sbb kehilangan passport tp dah jumpa blk, i can now walk in the city like londoners..hehheeh Anyhooo, this tips would prolly best for ppl who studied locally and never went to the world above the sky ( negara atas angin..wakakak) since the ppl studied oversea would ditch this read in the trash..hahahha

Saturday, March 21, 2009

paris je'taime

a glace visit to paris was enlighten. in need to go there one more time. theres a lot of great architecture that i had missed.jom kawan!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



malaysia sebuah negara yg multicultural. tapi setelah semua ipta kat m'sia ni dah jadi international, semakin triplemulticultural-lah negara m'sia. kalau dlm train, ade satu masa tu kita macam berada di negara arab, penuh dgn wanita2 memakai abaya dan tudung berlilit-lilit sambil memakai sunglasses Gucci dan handbag LV- tp naik komuter- ironi sungguh. ade satu mase tu berasa seperti berada di afrika, dikelilingi dgn orang yg kelihatan seperi Erykah Badu dan Chris Brown, seperti T-Pain pun ade. saya selalu terpegun melihat rambut mereka yg tocang melingkar-lingkar di kepala. sungguh unik. Tapi yang paling biasa sekali adalah seperti berada di perkampungan Jawa atau Acheh. Mas-mas dan ibu-ibu yang selalu membawa beg-beg sampai berkotak-kotak dan adakala tu berat barang yang di bawa lebih berat dari berat sendiri. sungguh kagum melihat kegigihan mereka mengangkat barang. patut la org kata indonesia mmg best utk shopping.. terbukti mmg best...
Saya mmg setuju malaysia dianggap mempunyai destinasi pelancongan bertaraf antarabangsa. dalam satu masa saya boleh berada di Egypt, Ghana dan Jakarta.. boleh lah malaysia!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i despised the increased of Euro and Pound when I already have the money to change it
the incident when i went berserk at the money changer made it even worse
but i can still laugh about it
sometimes if u take things too serious, you'll go mad when no one really cares
so laugh at yourself while doing silly face in the mirror
when your heels broke
when u miss your train by seconds
when you wear an outfit that is wrong for the occasions
but remember life is not a joke
if it is, i just don't get it?
do you?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

yes we can! or can we?

how do you trust people? i, rely on instinct, though its not always right, or maybe i might interpret the instinct differently. But still, i always rely on my instinct to do the judgment. Because my theory is, when you believe in 4W1 s.wt, and do what He says, He in return will guide you through the right path. Even if at times that 4W1 s.w.t didn't grant your wishes, He might have a greater plan for you or that you are not being a good Muslim. Its like what you give you'll get the Newton's third law; For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. thats is why 4W1 created Muhammad (saw) as our prophet to guide us and as an example of a good muslim. But to be like him is like almost impossible, but if you always following his teaching, though its not that 100% , at least, God knows that you are trying rite? nobodys perfect. but what if, when you are trying to be good, ppl around you are saying that you are a goody-goody 2-shoes. Sux isn't it? tp xpe, janji hati mau baik ma..kan2..

of course I CAN!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

i like going to the dentist

its so obvious that i'm not a latrobhoic.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

inequalities start at home

'salam all..

you know how i like to reads about psychology sociology and motivational sort of book. Why people act the way they do, how does, environment, background does affect ones life or character.. all of this is quite fascinating to explore. so, whenever i read these books, i tried to relate it to the people around me to determine whether the fact is true. and it is surprisingly true i tell you.and when it does, it made me digging even deeper about the facts...curiosity does kills the cat huh?( i did mention this phrase a long time ago) Anyway, 1 of the facts that really gets me want to write a blog (hah!) is about the comparison of characteristic and surprisingly their future on their bith order... its hard not to notice the first born who always made the rules and the last born being the one who broke it...wheres the second born is? they always got stuck in the middle... sedey bukan? i always had the 2nd child syndrom..nak buat camne, dah anak kedua pun....huhuhuhu here are some of the major characteristic between the first born, second born, last born:-


According to Adler, first born children are driven to achieve, responsible, dependable, authoritative, dominant, and conservative. They can be insecure, jealous, sensitive, spoiled, stingy, and have a high dependancy and need for affection and praise. More than half of our US presidents were first borns.

Other famous first-borns include: Oprah Winfrey, Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford, and Robin Williams. Click here a list of more famous first-born children. For a list of other first-borns click here:


Second children typically are allowed to be more independent and are able to create their own character. So they tend to be more adventuresome, fun loving and gregarious. They can also be rebellious and envious, but generally are well adjusted.


Middle children have many of the same characteristics as the second child, but are often plagued by feelings of parental neglect, inadequacy and inferiority. They tend to crave displays of affection, which is a further sign of their insecurity. It’s difficult for the middle child to establish a power base in the family. They tend to feel they are not loved as much and can never be better than their older sibling at anything they try.

Some famous middle borns include: George Washington, Madonna, David Letterman, and John F. Kennedy. One birth order expert says that CEOs may tend to be first-borns, but the entrepreneurs, the “mavericks” who go out and do things on their own are middle children…Bill Gates is a middle child.


Last-borns tend to be the most spoiled. Yet they are typically happy children. The rules in the household are the most relaxed for this child. They are typically given little family responsibility and rely on siblings to take care of them. As a result last-borns can be immature and irresponsible. Yet, because of the love that gets showered on the last child they tend to be confident and secure. They are usually likeable and free-spirited. That probably explains why many last borns are entertainers and comedians.

Some famous last borns: Jay Leno, Danny DeVito, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carey, Whoopie Goldberg, but also Margaret Thatcher…so you’ve got a lot of comedians but a strong leader too.

taken from:

and one of the reason of this differences is because parents way of parenting...some parents might be denying it, but as a non-married person poi
nt of view (which will most likely to be taken seriously), I think it is quite true.

Parents love all their children equally, of course, but most of them admit that, after each baby, their standards tend to relax just a bit when it comes to the little things in life. Does any of this sound familiar?

Take for instance, Baby bottles:

First child: Not only do you have your bottles lined up neatly in your baby bottle cabinet, color coded for breast milk, formula, juice, and water, but you buy a sterilizing kit and routinely boil nearly everything that comes in contact with your baby's mouth.

Second child: You buy a convenient plastic rack to hold baby bottle lids and nipples, and pop everything in the dishwasher.

Third child: Remember the five-second rule for w hen a piece of food falls on the ground?

And then there are the Baby books:

First child: You record every coo and hiccup, and the pages are so full of memorabilia that the book won't shut.

Second child: You keep your baby book in a big storage box along with all of the important notes, scraps, and photos in hopes of one day finding time to record all the memorable moments.

Third child: Memorabilia gets hung on the refrigerator with a magnet and the baby book is still in its original wrapper, which proves to be ver y fortunate when you are invited to a friend's baby shower and find yourself at the last minute without a gift.

taken from:,1510,5552,00.html, therefore, inequalities does starts at home. it is no one faults. it is in my opinion what u called the human behaviour. fitrah manusia. So, to parents, don't scold your children for behaving like the way they do. remember who starts it first.
(sendiri pun kn ingat jugak)

Intersting findings about related topics are:

malaysian, for instance did their own research about a comparable topic, but it is not wise for us to believe it 100%, afterall its just a research. Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah pun ade kata, perkara2 ni harus salah. x semestinya betul. 1 thing i remember about Dr. Fadzilah kamsah is whenever he is on air with other guests, he sometimes like to ask their birthdate...might be because, he can actually know basically how to tackle each guests in an interview. you know, people born on the same month has a similarities in their characteristic. Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah also sisi a research about it. kalau google belambak kluar...


p/s: seronok blaja pasal psychology ni. dpt th pasal diri sendiri n org lain..

Monday, March 2, 2009

the 1 thing i'm not good at

its love baby!!

'salam all,

this might be the least topic i would write about, since i had a list of bad record of it ( at least that is how i see it). but still, there are ppl seeking my advice or telling me their stories despite my lack of knowledge and bad record. actually i like to listen to their stories just don't cry a long the way. i am week at handling tears. Actually i came a cross a nice writing by an anonymous about finding a life partner.

Untuk renungan bersama...
Kisah yang penuh iktibar, semoga kita dapat mengambil pengajaran daripadanya.

WANITA: Menurut kamu, saya ini siapa?
LELAKI: (Berfikir sejenak, lalu menatap WANITA dengan pasti)
Kamu, tulang rusukku!
Kerana Allah melihat bahawa Adam kesepian.
Saat Adam sedang lena tidur,
Allah mengambil rusuk Adam dan menciptakan Hawa.

Semua LELAKI mencari tulang rusuknya yang hilang
dan saat menemukan wanita untuknya, tidak lagi
merasakan sakit di hatinya....

Setelah berkahwin, pasangan itu mengalami masa yang indah
dan manis untuk sementara.

Setelah itu, pasangan muda ini mulai tenggelam dalam
kesibukan masing-masing dan kelelahan hidup yang ada.

Hidup mereka menjadi membosankan.
Kenyataan hidup yang kejam membuat mereka mulai
menyisihkan impian dan cinta satu sama lain.
Mereka mulai bertengkar dan pertengkaran itu mulai
menjadi semakin panas.

Pada suatu hari pada akhir sebuah pertengkaran
WANITA lari keluar rumah.

Saat tiba di seberang jalan, dia berteriak 'Kamu
tidak cintakan saya lagi!!!'.

LELAKI sangat membenci ketidakdewasaan WANITA dan secara
spontan juga berteriak 'Saya menyesali perkahwinan ini! Kamu
ternyata bukan tulang rusukku!!!'

Tiba-tiba WANITA terdiam, dan berdiri kaku untuk beberapa saat.

LELAKI menyesali akan apa yang sudah dia lafazkan, tetapi
seperti air yang telah tertumpah tidak mungkin untuk diceduk kembali.

Dengan berlinang air mata, WANITA kembali ke rumah dan mengambil
barang-barangnya, bertekad untuk berpisah.

'Kalau saya bukan tulang rusukmu, biarkan saya pergi
Biarkan kita berpisah dan mencari pasangan sejati
masing-masing' .

Lima tahun berlalu.
LELAKI masih belum lagi berkahwin, tetapi berusaha
mencari khabar akan kehidupan WANITA.

WANITA pernah ke luar negeri tetapi sudah kembali.

Dia pernah berkahwin dengan seorang asing dan bercerai.

LELAKI agak kecewa bila mengetahui WANITA tidak menunggu,

Dan di tengah malam yang sunyi, dia meminum kopinya dan
merasakan sakit di hatinya. Tetapi LELAKI tidak sanggup mengakui

bahawa dia merindukan WANITA.

Suatu hari, mereka akhirnya bertemu kembali.
Di airport, tempat di mana banyak terjadi pertemuan dan perpisahan,

mereka dipisahkan hanya oleh sebuah dinding pembatas.

LELAKI: Apa khabar?
WANITA: Baik... Kamu sudah menemui tulang rusukmu yang hilang?
LELAKI: Belum.

WANITA: Saya akan terbang ke New York dengan penerbangan berikut.

Saya akan kembali 2 minggu lagi. Telefon saya kalau kamu berkesempatan.
Kamu tahu nombor telepon saya kan ? Tidak ada yang berubah.

WANITA tersenyum manis, berlalu di hujung lafaz
'Selamat tinggal..'

Satu minggu kemudian, LELAKI menerima khabar WANITA adalah
salah seorang korban Menara WTC.
Malam itu, sekali lagi, LELAKI meneguk kopinya dan
kembali merasakan sakit dihatinya.
Akhirnya dia sedar bahwa sakit itu adalah kerana WANITA,

tulang rusuknya sendiri yang telah dengan bodohnya dia patahkan.

Kita menempiaskan 99% kemarahan walau kepada orang yang
paling kita cintai.
Dan akibatnya adalah penyesalan.
Seringkali penyesalan itu datang di kemudiannya,

akibatnya setelah kita menyedari kesalahan kita,

semua sudah terlambat...

Kerana itu, jagalah dan sayangilah orang yang dicintai
dengan sepenuh hati...

Sebelum mengucapkan sesuatu berfikirlah dahulu,
apakah kata-kata yang kau ucapkan akan menyakiti orang yang dicintai?

Kira merasakan akan menyakitinya, sebaiknya jangan pernah dilafazkan.
Kerana semakin besar risiko untuk kehilangan orang yang dicintai.

Jadi berfikirlah, apakah kata-kata yang akan dilafazkan
sebanding dengan akibat yang akan diterima??

Tak perlu mencari teman secantik BALQIS,
Jika diri tak seindah SULAIMAN,
Mengapa mengharap teman setampan YUSUF,
Jika kasih tak setulus ZULAIKHA,
Tak perlu diri menjadi seteguh IBRAHIM,
Jika tak sekuat SARAH,
Mengapa didamba teman hidup seistimewa KHADIJAH,
Jika diri tak se sempurna RASULULLAH S.A.W