Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ingat lepas lupa

saya lupa

awak lupa

kami lupa

semua orang lupa

melayu pun mudah lupa

bagaimana, bila, kenapa, apa, di mana semuanya lupa

Tapi Dia tak lupa

Jika kita ingat Dia tak lupa

saya akan tak lupa

awak akan tak lupa

kami akan tak lupa

semua orang akan tak lupa

melayu pun akan tak mudah lupa

jadi, kita kena ingat supaya tak lupa

Monday, August 18, 2008


'salam..the weekends spend with meeting peoplen eating out..with me as the birthday girl celebrating on the night of nisfu syaban- couldnt be more berkat....alhamdulillah.. while attending a feast at my aunty's house as 1 of her daugther is going to further her studies in egypt, i without much hesistation took the opportunity to give the new E520 to a test..huhuhu

Thursday, August 7, 2008

oh yeah..i've graduated...


2day , iam officially not a student ( dh xdpt dh discount on movies...huhuhuhu)...neway, it was an exciting day... it when well...just hoping that the on stage pic would turn out gud...
p/s- something missing..