Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Renovation Oh Renovation

Tips nak pilih contractor:

1) Tanya diri sendiri 'what do you want" & ' how much are you willing to pay'

2) A good contractor will always bagi quotations base on your needs. kalau dia tak nak kluarkan quotations n cakap 'kalau i bg quotations , u kena bg i job tu' hell with the contractor.

3) b4 this ramai ckp amik bnyk2 contractor, sorg buat wiring, sorg buat plastering, sorg buat cabinet, but the truth is kalau job rumah setakat wiring/lighting Rm200 or sikit2 je, or nak buat tiling kat satu bilik je, might as well, guna satu contractor je. For a job less than RM10k renovations, amik jela satu contractor, u save time and less hassle to deal with different contractor. dan selalu nya kalau job besar contractor boleh bagi murah, kalau job kecil contractor akan perbesarkan margin keuntungan. in the end tak untung mana pun. if you are renovating the whole house that cost around RM50k and above, yes u can save by employing different contractor.

4) Buat study on materials, durability and price. at first, rumah kami nak tukar vinyl/laminated flooring going for the classy look. but a contractor friend said sbnrnya, tiling lagi long lasting and durable. kalau nak tukar vinyl flooring for bilik  yg usage x heavy mcm bedroom ok je. but utk living or kitchen is not advisable because the joints between floor boards mcm roof joint n need a professional to do it. kalau contractor bajet reti tp salah pasang, nant i ade hollow sound ms jalan2. only solid flooring is durable n long last but also expensive. home pro ioi city is a good place to try and browse new materials. tips for paint, house with kids, boleh guna spotless Nippon paint, sbb boleh lap je kalau anak buat mural dkt dinding. dulu pernah pakai washable paint from nippon juga tp nak cuci tu kena sental last2 jadi malas nak cuci.

5) don't pay more 50%-70% before they starts the job. it is best kalau contractor tu bagi progress claim. a professional contractor will make u sign agreement letter for both party. sbb if contractor lari u boleh sue. kalau xde boleh request.

6) quotation tulis guna hand writing xde sign ape lupakan and cari lain ok.

7) Usually margin untung contractor usually 30% or 50%. sbb tu kena tanya bnyk contractor. sbb price different akan ada bnyk beza. kalau tak buat study or main blasah je employ mmg contractor amik 70% >.

8) berlapang dada & fikir +ve and baik2 je.

just my 2 cent