Monday, December 7, 2015

Real Life Begins

... when you are married, have two kids? because all I can think right now how my kids going to survive in this world where peace seems to be the word that got lost in the dictionary. 
my grandma years was the start of our independence, my mom's was where everything starts to flourished and my generations is when everyone is struggling to find a place stand - populations getting bigger, the fight getting tougher. 
what will happen in the next 20 years, i just hope my kids wouldn't grow up with WWIII as their background T_T.. Nauzubillah

My survival tips in life which i've done it and already proven 100% are:
1. Always pray on time. step by step 1st. pray 5 times a day and once it is perfect then make it on time. then do the extra sunat prayer. Pray on time= Rezeki on time!
2. Gratitude towards Allah, your parents and your spouse! more gratitude=more rezeki
3. Give. even if you have little just give. you give more=you get more
4. Stay grounded and stop comparing your self. everyone has their own struggle. ( ni paling susah, when you always on social media everyday. but once and for all kena snap your mind out of it)

my strength